ZUMA Mission 

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SpaceX is targeting launch of the Zuma spacecraft from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The two-hour primary launch window opens at 8:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, January 7, or 1:00 UTC on Monday, January 8. A backup two-hour launch window opens at 8:00 p.m. EST on Monday, January 8, or 1:00 UTC on Tuesday, January 9.
Following stage separation, Falcon 9’s first stage will attempt to land at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

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7 jan 2018






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jim oberg
jim oberg Pirms 14 dienām
Some rumors were consistent with ground observations of the second stage performing the deorbit burn in an unusual manner, see my report satobs.org/seesat_ref/misc/zuma_vs_falcon9-stage2_clouds_plumes_overview.pdf
Julian Alfredo Feliciano martinez
00:00 intro
codefeenix Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Zuma is alive and operational
Reality channel
Reality channel Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
very beautiful 3D cartoon movie
Reality channel
Reality channel Pirms 9 Mēnešiem
Cool 3D shot of the Falcon 9
Amun Ra
Amun Ra Pirms Gada
16:50 Plane flies by at around the same height...."90km up" For any doubters, remember, this was "zoomed in" for a craft 90+km up going almost 5,000 km per hour. The lights of the plane in the shot would be super out of focus if it wasn't near the same height and it would also seem to zip by really fast since it would be closer to the camera at only 8km instead of 90.
angabuntu Pirms Gada
Is there any reason why they asked SpaceX to conclude the stream early? Sure, it was a classified mission, but what is the point in casting everything and then hiding the payload? Can one determine what the satellite will do by bare looking at an image of it?
roidroid Pirms 2 Gadiem
The government has done this _"oh no my new satellite didn't reach orbit"_ trick before. Back in 1990 a spy satellite called *Misty* was launched via Space Shuttle, and was then claimed to have not reached orbit & burned up on re-entry. But satellite spotters have seen the satellite up there since, and declassified NRO databases show the satellite as active. They are stealth satellites, designed to be very hard to see. They've probably improved the stealth in the 3 decades since Misty, i doubt it'll be so easy thesedays for amateurs to spot them. LVlocalr _Covert Cabal_ has an interesting 10min video about all of it, titled *"Is Zuma Spy Sat Operational?"*
Widodo Septiadi
Widodo Septiadi Pirms 2 Gadiem
Is ZUMA a spy satellite
Clay Bennett
Clay Bennett Pirms 2 Gadiem
This was the first launch I had ever been too. What a great experience.
William Aliprantis
William Aliprantis Pirms 2 Gadiem
what is zuma's purpose
SuperGeronimo999 Pirms 2 Gadiem
Nobody knows... all we know is, it was a government contract, and not by some private company. Also the "thing" inside, was built by Northrop Grumman, and had a cost north of $3.5 billion. Its almost certain that this was a spy satellite, but we will never know for sure.
Bootleg Copy
Bootleg Copy Pirms 2 Gadiem
Weird. Is just me, or was there a completely different atmosphere for this classified mission?
Tmccreight25Gaming Pirms 2 Gadiem
Falcon 9 preformed flawlessly in this mission, the reason why the ZUMA mission failed is because the Northrop Grumman made Payload adapter failed to function... so blame Northrop Grumman not SpaceX
roidroid Pirms 2 Gadiem
They've done this trick before with the "Misty" spy satellite in 1990. It was claimed that it failed to reach orbit, but amateur satellite trackers have spotted it afterwards, and the satellite is categorized as active in unclassified NRO docs. In the 3 decades since, i'm sure they're improved the stealth.
SuperGeronimo999 Pirms 2 Gadiem
What if it worked, and this is just a cover up to forget about this spy satellite? Someone has to be blamed, and its not Space-X, after all they don't want to take it down, and risk future launches.
Pinochet Pirms 2 Gadiem
Landings have become the norm
M. Atef
M. Atef Pirms 2 Gadiem
The payload is full of nukes funded by the illuminati..
Hoioidoi Pirms 2 Gadiem
rip zuma
David Ogawa
David Ogawa Pirms 2 Gadiem
Expensive covert program to detect organisational moles and leaks. Or: Autonomously guided precision stealth delivery system. You never know where or when it arrives. Added to other SpaceX launches, you won't even know it departed.
NT Pirms 2 Gadiem
What movie was this for?
TekuriousLabs Pirms 2 Gadiem
I like this guy.
Andreas Taraldsen
Andreas Taraldsen Pirms 2 Gadiem
FakeX - When LSC Concave Earth is revealed you will not be very popular. You are cursed for lying to the public.
MyMich84 Pirms 2 Gadiem
carlosrrs12 Pirms 2 Gadiem
carlosrrs12 Pirms 2 Gadiem
16:21 MECO
Andy Purcell
Andy Purcell Pirms 2 Gadiem
Absolutely amazing well done . I love watching and how spacex and elon musk keeps everything so transparent . I cant get enough im watching everything .
Michael Bond
Michael Bond Pirms 3 Gadiem
Have you guys considered putting enough extra fuel in the 2nd stage so that once the payload is in orbit you can deorbit the 2nd stage to help reduce keslar syndrome until you figure out how to reuse it?
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
In fact they do deorbit the second stage, but they don't try to land it.
The Pharabut
The Pharabut Pirms 3 Gadiem
Few day ago NASA re gained contact with a satellite lost 13 y ago. Well there is ZUMA. It was a Amateur astronomer who spottet it. Nice cover up.
roidroid Pirms 2 Gadiem
... but ZUMA wasn't launched 13 years ago
Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop Pirms 3 Gadiem
Did you (the US), Russia and China just secretly weaponize space in the orbit around our planet? Funny how all countries just launched secretive satellites as the ongoing Kim Jong In/nuclear proliferation fears continue/deepen don't you think?
Sebastian Bay
Sebastian Bay Pirms 3 Gadiem
Lift off: 14:00 Stage 1: 16:25 Stage 1 entryburn: 20:19 Landing: 21:45
Niklas Pirms 3 Gadiem
It's my dream to work there. But i feel it's never gonna happen :(
Peter Rose
Peter Rose Pirms 3 Gadiem
Just wanted to say keep doing what you're doing mate,don't let anyone bring you down Neil Armstrong doesn't know what his talking about mate. He just doesn't want man to see space obviously doesn't care humanity.
John Guldin
John Guldin Pirms 3 Gadiem
AWESUME , Love it , Need to go & work on th Moon , Peace Elon keep it going .
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Pirms 3 Gadiem
A pity the second stage failed
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
The second stage was reported as working correctly.
Its Great! Good luck guys. We in Kazakhtan support your actions and dreams!!
Light Coke
Light Coke Pirms 3 Gadiem
Corb. Pirms 3 Gadiem
I have an idea...A miniaturized version of the BFR, Falcon 9 size.
PointyTailofSatan Pirms 3 Gadiem
It Zumaed right into the ground!
Akira Pirms 3 Gadiem
so everything worked well, what was the whole drama about then?
Kamun Reser
Kamun Reser Pirms 3 Gadiem
Good work, SpaceX and next time land on Mars!!!
Shibaaa Pirms 3 Gadiem
Launch at 13:49 for those who want to see
Craig Perkey
Craig Perkey Pirms 3 Gadiem
Zuma is a secret spy satellite. So of course it "crashed" after launch. This is so transparent lol
AztekSupreme Pirms 3 Gadiem
This is the second part to the network it is in contact with the first iridium gps system this is not a game ... not a simulation or a fucking toy so make sure that it's safe and there is no slip ups in the detection system even a degree could effect the world
AztekSupreme Pirms 3 Gadiem
I know what it is When you play with fire you're gonna get burnt Fire and Fury doesn't come cheap and so Kim and yuri Are going to weep
Esquare Hong
Esquare Hong Pirms 3 Gadiem
wow.. they sure make it look so easy... good job
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming Pirms 3 Gadiem
Set up a donation link so we can just give money to Elon Musk for Spacex! I just want to throw money at him to help mankind like Elon! Don't care if I don't get anything in return just want to see the human race get to every planet and moon before I am 100 years old.
Yoav Mor
Yoav Mor Pirms 3 Gadiem
I wish you executed the mission in day time so we would actually be able to see something
Andrew Pirms 3 Gadiem
Elon please consider only sending white people to mars
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
Bob So we can see them in the dark.
flyingrobotpig Pirms 3 Gadiem
Andrew why?
Влад Denisenko
Влад Denisenko Pirms 3 Gadiem
Ukraine and USA strong 🇺🇦+🇺🇸=💪💪
SuperGeronimo999 Pirms 3 Gadiem
WTF happened here? Massive pause before 2nd stage confirmation and it just feels like no-one is sure it actually worked (later reports say it didn't) then it takes like 2 mins from re-entry to landing? C'mon no amount of thrust is gonna slow down a rocket falling that quick to land like it did. It was at night to hide shit and this is just unbelievable...in the worst way. Wake up people!!!
Anton Chan
Anton Chan Pirms 3 Gadiem
Huh, mission seemed to be a success. So the fairing deployed, how is this a failure? If Zuma is still in orbit and somehow broken can't they just repair it or recover it? And if Zuma isn't in orbit, what happened because in the video the fairing deployed :$
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
How are they supposed to repair or recover it? Evidently the fairing deployed on schedule, but something went wrong with the payload release and the skimp evidence released to the public suggests that the payload got deorbited when the second stage did.
Mark Zaikov
Mark Zaikov Pirms 3 Gadiem
It's clearly a success. The government can't even answer straightly, they keep redirecting and avoiding it. And notice, we still haven't heard that much about SpaceX about this topic, but they assured that the launch went well. Maybe someone's trying to keep them silent hence the classified payload.
worlock1422 Pirms 3 Gadiem
Hard to believe not to long ago they where crashing every 1st stage they tried to land. Come so far and yet still much further to go.
Dumitru Alex Gabriel
Dumitru Alex Gabriel Pirms 3 Gadiem
When the FALCON HEAVY is launching, like the date?
ThunderPlunder101 Pirms 3 Gadiem
Like the game?
Big If True
Big If True Pirms 3 Gadiem
It's nice to see a mission video this long. NASA's channel literally only releases three minute long clips. Godspeed in 2018.
Mind HunTer
Mind HunTer Pirms 3 Gadiem
That's CGI people...
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof; where's yours?
Fartonaut Pirms 3 Gadiem
There should be a windshield wiper on that camera
Tommy Wood
Tommy Wood Pirms 3 Gadiem
To bad Zuma failed as far as we know
My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents Pirms 3 Gadiem
SpaceX pulled the official mission patch from sale, just like they did when CRS-7 exploded. You be the judge.
AKzebraMiner Pirms 3 Gadiem
Tommy Wood actually we have no idea what happened, impossible to tell because of the government keeping everything a secret Could easily be a hoax
Peter Atkin
Peter Atkin Pirms 3 Gadiem
Just amazed as always
donblub Pirms 3 Gadiem
pls spacex, don't close the comment section. i love reading the flatheads rant about everything and not even understand gravity..
AKzebraMiner Pirms 3 Gadiem
donblub they won’t
Wade Raul
Wade Raul Pirms 3 Gadiem
Liberty Warrior
Liberty Warrior Pirms 3 Gadiem
I am looking forward to the time where we can fly our vehicles into space without the governments permission.
Corrick Magley
Corrick Magley Pirms 3 Gadiem
Well I hope you like waiting
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
Yeah.. you can expect more than a little regulation. It pretty much demands it.
Mori Okada
Mori Okada Pirms 3 Gadiem
rene Kalucea
rene Kalucea Pirms 3 Gadiem
As a former globetard swallowing NASA's caca & regurgitating their hypothetical mierda. I had no idea that I was infected with globaltatis.. Globaltatis destroys critical thinking and gives you hallucinations that you are spinning at breakneck speeds... please do your self a wonderful globebortion and discover our creator....
MattJohno2 Pirms 3 Gadiem
Curve? Search "The Blue Marble" on Google. Real image taken in 1972.
rene Kalucea
rene Kalucea Pirms 3 Gadiem
Lensflare Deviant so you found the curve? Where is it? So far no flat earther have ever jumped back on the demonic spinning ball deception!!!
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
Rene - It's okay. I feel for you. Doomed to live in a world that you can't understand and frightened of it. I wouldn't even dream of attempting to change your mind.
rene Kalucea
rene Kalucea Pirms 3 Gadiem
Lensflare Deviant your reality is full of CGI, green screen technology and efx. Good luck getting to the moon and Mars
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
Thankfully reality is not defined by your limits.
Chris Topher
Chris Topher Pirms 3 Gadiem
What the NASA is going on with the video feed cutting out???
BOLIVIA Bolivia Pirms 3 Gadiem
BOLIVIA Bolivia Pirms 3 Gadiem
Clément Ramirez
Clément Ramirez Pirms 3 Gadiem
Very Beautiful landing
ABOXofMONSTERS Pirms 3 Gadiem
You think they would have that landing pad lit up like a Xmas tree ?
ABOXofMONSTERS Pirms 3 Gadiem
Chuck Norris Yea I realize that but it only costs $200 for a light to light up a foot ball field This is a huge accomplishment to show off to the world All we see Is a dark aperture camera view on board that seems off to me.
Adair Jose
Adair Jose Pirms 3 Gadiem
the future is here
Patrick liberation jesus
zuma = juice .... dark energy????
Patrick liberation jesus
wtf this video was edited by nasa 100percent.. actually it happend right 30 secs (!!!edited sry not mins.) after start... why do they not show in wide perspective,, from lift off? cuz it could show too many details.. everybody would like to see the rocket take off from long distanced high solution view, but they dont show you this, only closed up view (=after 20sec from liftoff..? wtf you want to see more that they hide away)
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
You're probably closer to the truth than you realize Kenny. Fucked up wiring between the ears corrupting everything that goes in and twisting everything that comes out.
Travis Reynolds
Travis Reynolds Pirms 3 Gadiem
So for the general public that doesn’t understand rockets. When the payload is departed, the second stage is “shot” back to earth to burn up when it comes back to earth. If the payload has not separated then everything is burns up.
tyler manson
tyler manson Pirms 3 Gadiem
B Owens
B Owens Pirms 3 Gadiem
Didn't y'all lose it though?
AKzebraMiner Pirms 3 Gadiem
Brendon O nobody knows what’s going on so who knows, too much secrecy
revo40 Pirms 3 Gadiem
「DUZIRU Padl」づじぅ
It going side not upward for no good reason
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
Also, it's not as much sideways as it appears to be due to its getting farther away in the direction we are looking.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
Very good reason. The sideways part is one of the most important parts of making an orbit.
PotatoMC Pirms 3 Gadiem
ez for SpaceX
Panthir 67
Panthir 67 Pirms 3 Gadiem
I wonder if they will build their own huge space complex like NASA
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
They could.. but it's far cheaper to rent a facility for a few million and spend a billion developing rockets than spending a billion on a complex and still needing to spend a billion on developing rockets. :)
Cassidy Mugadza
Cassidy Mugadza Pirms 3 Gadiem
Couldn't they have put Lights on the launch / landing pad so we could see the rocket landing clearly
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant Pirms 3 Gadiem
If they had a good enough reason too.
AnatoleH1 Pirms 3 Gadiem
Guys. ZUMA didn"t fail. It was just the easiest way for the government to have us forget about it, since it is meant to be classified. Everything happened normally and it reached its target orbit, as can be seen in the WMO OSCAR database.
li路人甲 Pirms 3 Gadiem
lezizceset / rüyada iş görme çağı
you are the beautiful people!
Devarra Picture
Devarra Picture Pirms 3 Gadiem
125ALEH Pirms 3 Gadiem
failure start spaceX or not
MajSolo Pirms 3 Gadiem
SpaceX is the ( football ) team I cheer for. I dont have a hat or a T-shirt though.
You Uber
You Uber Pirms 3 Gadiem
Northrup gremlin
Siddhartha Beausoleil
Siddhartha Beausoleil Pirms 3 Gadiem
Was it a success or not?
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
The launch to orbit was successful but Zuma failed in its mission.
oh god
oh god Pirms 3 Gadiem
Fun fact: People who goes to moon/space Gets Too long To get to the earth (over: Years) . _Sorry for my bad english_
GERSON GARCIA Pirms 3 Gadiem
Some guy on the internet •
Can I have an explanation on flat earther beliefs please? As I find it a bit laughable to ignore science and opt for the “space doesn’t exist, water is in the atmosphere, everyone is lizards, wear a tinfoil hat” approach. I’m not insulting you guys, I just want to know why you believe such idiotic things. (Please don’t give me the usual “blah blah Illuminati”, I want to hear your somewhat scientific explanation.
donblub Pirms 3 Gadiem
"ignore science" "want to hear your somewhat scientific"
Atlas Hugged
Atlas Hugged Pirms 3 Gadiem
Gwynne Shotwell is such an amazing woman. I wish we’d here more from her.
Lunar Kolony
Lunar Kolony Pirms 3 Gadiem
they truly have mastered the landings, beautiful!
Allen A
Allen A Pirms 3 Gadiem
but show us whats inside
MrPathorock Pirms 3 Gadiem
I need follow-ups!
I'm not an idiot.
I'm not an idiot. Pirms 3 Gadiem
jesus is coming back,little humans。。
Earl Greystoke
Earl Greystoke Pirms 3 Gadiem
Everything worked...except delivering the payload to orbit...well done Space X...
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander Pirms 3 Gadiem
Also please send a satellite through a wormhole into the next dimension and then send a human afterwards thanks! 🙏
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander Pirms 3 Gadiem
Hello I’m a black hole and I’m going to eat all of you anyway so enjoy life while it lasts silly universe, soon there shall be nothingness again!
Tiddlywinks Pirms 3 Gadiem
who heck spacex
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
Easy to find out through Web research.
t8488 Pirms 3 Gadiem
Great launch..... and then the payload was lost, supposedly. Sounds kinda suspicious to me that a secret satellite that no one knows anything about was "lost"..... or maybe it did fall back to Earth, no one has any comments on it including the manufacturer.
Doug Gwyn
Doug Gwyn Pirms 2 Gadiem
The payload wasn't "lost" in the sense of vanishing mysteriously, it just was unable to fulfill its mission, for undisclosed reasons. The best guess based on skimpy public announcements is that it didn't uncouple from the second stage. The government and manufacturers follow a policy of not commenting on satellites with national security functions.
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