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SpaceX's Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle is a fully, rapidly reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and anywhere else in the solar system. On Saturday, September 28 at our launch facility in Cameron County, Texas, SpaceX Chief Engineer and CEO Elon Musk will provide an update on the design and development of Starship.
You can watch the event live at approximately 8:00 p.m. CDT.

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29 sep 2019






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Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pirms dienas
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Bernardo Schinner
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Vic Calubad
Vic Calubad Pirms 3 dienām
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Vic Calubad
Vic Calubad Pirms 3 dienām
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Buckethead Central Conspiracy
Bunch of idiots!! Space X is the new liar!! Fan boys are idiots to believe Elon musk bullshit
T.Jentzsch Pirms 6 dienām
Is this prototype the same size as current production prototypes?
Pol Valls
Pol Valls Pirms 6 dienām
those plans dont seem at nothing compared to 2020-2021 plans
John Bonifas
John Bonifas Pirms 7 dienām
ssiigghh.....gaaawwwd, I wish I worked for them.
nobis_kid Pirms 7 dienām
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Fedora Pirms 7 dienām
This isnt even the entire thing and it is so fucking massive
JebClang Pirms 8 dienām
Wow, though crowd... why did they come there at all even??
Astro Harley08
Astro Harley08 Pirms 8 dienām
Elon only stutters cause his brain is so fast his words can’t keep up 😂
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Pirms 9 dienām
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James Hall
James Hall Pirms 10 dienām
Mann's Mercantile
Mann's Mercantile Pirms 11 dienām
Great job of putting this together. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more adventures.
lee swain
lee swain Pirms 11 dienām
Well done fella you are on the firm and the tyre kicking know it all divsss that tried to trip you up with bs questions where answered by Mr Musk. I applaud you for your vision, failures, and the strength to grow albeit odds against you and your team and by your success in a difficult grind that all of us should be proud. Keep it up fella. Regards Lee Swain ps you should call me about the re-entry ¥ mars x
Hadiok Tasuio
Hadiok Tasuio Pirms 11 dienām
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AP SHOTS Pirms 11 dienām
Watching from the mars😄😄
͔ Pirms 12 dienām
So, lets figure out how far this will go with this youtube recommendation chain. I was impressed by the fact that seemingly there was 25k people who came from scythe lady video to the scythe festival one. From now on i am going to watch next 100 videos with this comment numerating my path. This is comment №47
Butch Bailey
Butch Bailey Pirms 12 dienām
Great steady price.
Dustin Van Aken
Dustin Van Aken Pirms 14 dienām
At 9:30 into video a ufo comes into view
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell Pirms 14 dienām
@Dustin Van Aken it literally cuts to the drone camera after that shot
Dustin Van Aken
Dustin Van Aken Pirms 14 dienām
@Michael Farrell well I'm glad all of you guys knew it was a drone. So it was decided to film for less than a minute and turn around and leave... hun
Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell Pirms 14 dienām
The U in ufo stands for unidentified, we know this flying object is a camera drone recording the event so no, not a ufo
ph lk
ph lk Pirms 15 dienām
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Xanna Via
Xanna Via Pirms 15 dienām
Elon Musk is brilliant! The Albert Einstein of the 21st century. To Mars and beyond! Very impressed with this great work.
Rick Buhrmann
Rick Buhrmann Pirms 16 dienām
This by far is my favorite presentation by Elon. Thanks so much for openly sharing your passion and your vision for humanity! You are "The Man"!
Karson Dukes
Karson Dukes Pirms 16 dienām
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Bladen Ashurt
Bladen Ashurt Pirms 16 dienām
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Lucas Fan
Lucas Fan Pirms 17 dienām
Elon please be safe don't be not wearing a mask just for the videos we don't care we want you 2 be safe ❤️
Lucas Fan
Lucas Fan Pirms 14 dienām
@DarkTheFailure oh i didnt know
DarkTheFailure Pirms 15 dienām
This was before covid
parnell45jon paton34king
parnell45jon paton34king Pirms 18 dienām
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Blu Ribbon Reviews
Blu Ribbon Reviews Pirms 20 dienām
"is there life on mars" - DB
Danielle Chassot
Danielle Chassot Pirms 20 dienām
Does he even know what he's talking about? He's just stuttering the whole time. He's just paying and the really smart people are doing the work, it seems.
D Tibor
D Tibor Pirms 20 dienām
Here after a year and starship just did a test flight
Raymond Siebert
Raymond Siebert Pirms 20 dienām
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Kelfren Souza
Kelfren Souza Pirms 20 dienām
Who's watching this in 2021?
franco russo
franco russo Pirms 20 dienām
he nows is happend 369
franco russo
franco russo Pirms 20 dienām
bi boss naice person
GRANTFROM GOOLWA Pirms 21 dienas
GRANTFROM GOOLWA Pirms 21 dienas
We need to build 1.5 Million Ships however Mars will not sustain all humans. Unless we have an ongoing orbit to mars taking supplies resources people. an ongoing orbit they land they fuel they return and have fuel depots along the route. we need to move this. FAST. we need to start making propellant there/MARS asap.
GRANTFROM GOOLWA Pirms 21 dienas
We should all be helping.
GRANTFROM GOOLWA Pirms 21 dienas
Ever get the feeling like we all need to get off the planet in a Hurry?
Dokterpedia.net Pirms 22 dienām
*I'm watching a guy saying we should become a multi planet civilisation as soon as possible and we should do it now, waving his fist, and behind him there's a huge ass spaceship that he built.* What a time to be alive
CoiledDracca Pirms 22 dienām
Why are you repeating exactly what @reezlaw said when they were the top comment. Shame. Thumbs down for literally just copy/pasting.
Hae Zhao
Hae Zhao Pirms 22 dienām
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Ozzy G
Ozzy G Pirms 22 dienām
polygondwanaland Pirms 23 dienām
ahaha the cows are confused
Phillip Bailey
Phillip Bailey Pirms 23 dienām
That’s real cool Elon but think in terms of Energy before mass and mass back into Energy the manipulation of Atoms & Molecules. Turn your thinking inside out then outside in. It’s not as hard as it seems the vessel becomes symbiotic with its environment to where they work together as one. Just use your imagination look at how the Universe was created and the theory of everything and become it then you will reach your destination. Also nano tech and how to manipulated nano particles will make it all come together. Also the same with molecules, atoms and magnetic fields.
Phillip Bailey
Phillip Bailey Pirms 23 dienām
What if your vacuum Tunnel gave the lift like a mag lev or rail gun. What if you could project yourself upon a magnetic field manipulating the ground the air and space to where the exterior of your vessel was energy acting like a lubricant to destiny. How would you do it? Imagine it like the Hydron Collider but being able to manipulate what your colliding with.
parnell45jon paton34king
parnell45jon paton34king Pirms 23 dienām
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Dylan M.
Dylan M. Pirms 14 dienām
What are these comments about? They're the same format but they're all nonsese.
Osnni Pirms 23 dienām
Stunning 🤙🏽
My favorite Martian
My favorite Martian Pirms 23 dienām
-As I watch this video, it is Dec 31 2020. It has been a terrible year for the world due to the Chinese caused pandemic. But the shining light for many all over the world has been watching Spacex make history. Thank you to the whole Spacex team from janitors to the welders to the engineers to the office staff. You all Rock! - May we all experience many more happy days in 2021 witnessing Spacex forge on ahead and further into space.
Hermopolis Amun
Hermopolis Amun Pirms 23 dienām
Keep reaching f0r the stars ✨ 🌟
Hermopolis Amun
Hermopolis Amun Pirms 23 dienām
Keep reaching fpr the stars ✨ 🌟
Ksgir Sdq
Ksgir Sdq Pirms 24 dienām
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Mike Odegard
Mike Odegard Pirms 24 dienām
to mars @ 34:28 weird moment of silence there!
parnell45jon paton34king
parnell45jon paton34king Pirms 24 dienām
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Richard Wade
Richard Wade Pirms 26 dienām
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Roshan Raikar
Roshan Raikar Pirms 26 dienām
I'm future! I saw the SN8 flight
Tarvin Gill
Tarvin Gill Pirms 26 dienām
SHAY HIGH Pirms 27 dienām
The future will be great ! ! ! thanks! SPACE X
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts Pirms 28 dienām
God, I love this man.
puh082hud ;qel'duj
puh082hud ;qel'duj Pirms 28 dienām
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We Are The Monsters
We Are The Monsters Pirms 28 dienām
Pride & Insight. *****===== Extending our consciousness ----->> .
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Pirms 28 dienām
So when we actually do this and Nasa is given the choice of continuing to spend billions on decade long projects for their retirement plans, how do we make sure American's know what they are doing? Keeps it in the publics face.
dixon pinfold
dixon pinfold Pirms 29 dienām
Good heavens, American reporters are appalling creatures to behold. Were they the inspiration for Comic Book Guy?
Grant Edwards
Grant Edwards Pirms 29 dienām
Do you kiddies like watching CGI? You're all like deceived druggies, believing a lie. “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire...." Revelation 20:10 If you want to join him just carry on the way you're going, you're doing fine. Repent, trust Jesus Christ alone. You've been warned!
DarkTheFailure Pirms 15 dienām
You can watch it irl
Leonardo Gualandris
Leonardo Gualandris Pirms 25 dienām
@30slak Could not have said it better myself. Let's see his response about some prophet warning us about space holograms, lol.
30slak Pirms 27 dienām
Umm I was there at the launch buddy. You really think they actually bothered making a fucking hologram that gives off directional sound and heat? You do realise that would be more difficult to do than actually make a rocket yea?
J Flow
J Flow Pirms 29 dienām
Does musk have a speech problem?
Marina Simmons
Marina Simmons Pirms 29 dienām
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Ye Win Htun My Love
Ye Win Htun My Love Pirms 29 dienām
A little tank
Ye Win Htun My Love
Ye Win Htun My Love Pirms 29 dienām
I very interested that product
Ye Win Htun My Love
Ye Win Htun My Love Pirms 29 dienām
The world outside,. I can see photo very beautifully
Ye Win Htun My Love
Ye Win Htun My Love Pirms 29 dienām
Thanks for my brother
Ye Win Htun My Love
Ye Win Htun My Love Pirms 29 dienām
That is point to point
Tobycatman1 Pirms 29 dienām
That huge building launched and blew up
Alans Snack
Alans Snack Pirms 29 dienām
is ellen musk a rocket scientist?
DALLAS- JOE- Pirms 29 dienām
Elon Musk is probably very rich. 👍
Bob DeCardenas
Bob DeCardenas Pirms Mēneša
Outstanding! The future is here👍
Poppin’ Productions
Poppin’ Productions Pirms Mēneša
Who's here after SN8's successful 'unscheduled disassembly' ?! Pumped for SN9 🚀
NAPhi Pirms Mēneša
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mart Pirms Mēneša
Еlon, please take all your fellow citizens with you!... And good luck
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino Pirms Mēneša
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Jordon Rosen
Jordon Rosen Pirms Mēneša
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Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating
Good cool beans
Flannious L'Flannagato
Flannious L'Flannagato Pirms Mēneša
1:15:42 bottom right, thought some dude was rocking the no shirt at a space x presentation
Christian Pirms Mēneša
Elon: This thing will fly in one or two month! SN8: Oh sorry, I am late;-)
DarkTheFailure Pirms 15 dienām
This is elon time we are talking about
I am a ROKOT manson
I am a ROKOT manson Pirms Mēneša
By more than a year
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pirms Mēneša
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rick leuck
rick leuck Pirms Mēneša
just awsome
JifCooks Pirms Mēneša
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Ly Ngoc Hue Pirms Mēneša
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eddie chang
eddie chang Pirms Mēneša
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there are some problems of reusing - in german :) wöhlerkurve.... but for terraforming Mars thats a risk to take :)
Francisco Duarte
Francisco Duarte Pirms Mēneša
36:30 )'(
Yuf vac Weg suki
Yuf vac Weg suki Pirms Mēneša
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Fabrizio Borrello
Fabrizio Borrello Pirms Mēneša
He didn't read the future but his intention is so strong that today his still on a real god truck!
이재호 Pirms Mēneša
it's now reality
DOBeR DBZ Pirms Mēneša
Dorthy Norton
Dorthy Norton Pirms Mēneša
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XDarqness Pirms Mēneša
It exploded wdym
D Crisp888
D Crisp888 Pirms Mēneša
Elon you are gifted with wonderful abilities to achieve. Please put a portion of your effort towards solving the homeless crises in the US. 1/3rd of 1% of our population needs a place to stay; a safe shelter. We need first to create a caring society here on earth before we star quest. We have been given this beautiful oasis right here it’s called earth. Let’s please help those sleeping in the bushes........
DarkTheFailure Pirms 15 dienām
Bill gates is doing that work. Elon us focussing more in long term problems
2Lip Pirms Mēneša
Jamy Pirms Mēneša
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